Oermead Press is a micro-publishing project dedicated to producing quality fiction, non-fiction and poetry. In addition to publishing books and e-books under the Oermead Press title, we also produce live Story Slams and other storytelling events, in which video and audio of the stories are often digitally published on the internet and through podcasts.

Oermead Press

We publish small quantities of literary fiction using print-on-demand technology. Founded in 2010 by writer Jim Breslin, Oermead Press works closely with chosen writers and poets to bring their vision to print and help connect them with their potential audience. Our goal is to publish 2-4 books a year starting in 2014.

What We Publish

Oermead Press publishes poetry, short stories, novellas, and novels with rich themes and beautiful prose. We do not publish genre fiction, but we may publish creative non-fiction.


Queries should include a cover letter, a short bio, a synopsis, and the first two pages of your finished manuscript. Please include all this in your email, and not as an attachment. Queries should be sent to:  OermeadPress@gmail.com.

Story Slams

In November of 2009, several local writers and artists met in Jim Breslin’s living room to tell stories. The group had so much fun that Jim approached a pub in downtown West Chester and officially started West Chester Story Slam in January 2010. Delco Story Slam debuted in January of 2013. Center Stage debuted in September 2014. In January 2015, Oermead Press partnered with Carla Wilson to debut Lancaster Story Slam. Learn more about the live events, videos, and podcasts at each Story Slam’s website.



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