Reviews for Shoplandia Stream In

REVIEWS FOR SHOPLANDIA, the new novel by Jim Breslin published by Oermead Press, are in. Shoplandia launched on May 15th at Chester County Book Company and is available through bookstores, IndieBound and Amazon. In addition, Jim Breslin is offering personalized copies sold direct from the author here. 

shoplandiabookcover5_5x8_5_cream_290-copyCarole Mallory of Huffington Post Books calls Shoplandia,”A raucous novel resplendent with anecdotes about the machinations of the always striving-to-get-ahead employees of one of our nation’s leading capitalistic ventures brought into your home.” Mallory writes, ‘This home shopping experience is powerful. And so is James Breslin’s novel, Shoplandia.” Another nice quote from the review, “Breslin is not mean-spirited; rather he is insightful in his remembrances of things past.” And finally, “As one laughs through this short and rapid read, one recalls the bonds that form in the work place that often reflect those bonds we have formed within our own family.” You can read the full review on Huffington Post Books

“With a tone and style reminiscent of George Saunders and situations that would feel right at home in a Don DeLillo novel, the stories collected in Jim Breslin’s Shoplandia offer an engaging and informed behind-the-scenes look at the home shopping industry.” – Marc Schuster of <em>Small Press Reviews</em>. Read the full review here. 

“Breslin’s choice to set the stories within the television shopping network corporation is one of the most refreshing and strategic narrative moves I have experienced in a long time.” – Jillian Benedict, <em>Turk’s Head Review</em>

You can read Jillian’s entire review by clicking here.

“Shoplandia reveals the absurd world of home shopping networks with rollicking humor and gusto.” – James Esch, <em>Turk’s Head Review </em>

“Compelling and poetic, Shoplandia’s stories have all the insight and complexity of the best novels. Breslin gives us a thoughtful meditation on consumerism and the American Dream.” – Terry Heyman, <em>Greetings From Insanity </em>

“Jim Breslin viscerally knows the dynamics of a three-ring circus played out on the rotating stage of a 24/7 shopping network. They’re all there—stars and has-beens, pretty pitch women, sad clowns, roustabouts, network lions and wolves. Both moving and entertaining, Shoplandia mingles the humor and pathos inherent in the big tent of our consumer obsessive culture.” – Virginia Beards, <em>Exit Pursued By a Bear and Others</em>

“Drawing from his experiences in TV production, Jim Breslin’s Shoplandia immerses the reader into that wild and weird world. This collection sizzles and pops, particularly in “Laugh Track,” where Breslin’s evocative storytelling about the seamy side of the television industry is so potent that you can almost smell it. – Josh Goller, <em>The Molotov Cocktail </em>

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